Edmonton Garage Development—3 Different Types of Garage Floorings

by planitbld_admin

Posted on 02/20/15 11:51 AM | Posted in Edmonton Garage Development, News Feed

If you know anything about Edmonton garage development, you probably already know that choosing the wrong kind of garage flooring has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Fortunately, the team over at PLANit BUILDERS is no amateur when it comes to garage floorings. If you are planning on renovating your garage, PLANit BUILDERS has prepared a short article detailing three different types of floorings for you to consider.

Garage Mats

The quickest type of garage flooring comes in the form of a garage mat. The latter does not require any installation and can simply be rolled out. Ideal for covering up stains and cracks, garage mats are incredibly easy to maintain. Quality mats should be able to resist chemical spills and be strong enough to withstand heavy traffic. They should also be slip resistant.

Garage Tiles

Like garage mats, garage tiles are used to cover up stains and cracks. They also are quite easy to install and even easier to remove. Garage tiles come in a few different sizes, with 12 inch by 12 inch being the standard size. While they are usually a bit more expensive than garage mats, they give garage owners the opportunity to create interesting and attractive patterns.


Probably the least common type of garage flooring, epoxy flooring consists of multiple layers of epoxy. The latter, in its simple definition, is a system that is made of resins and hardeners. When those two ingredients are combined, they react chemically and bond together to create a rigid material. Epoxy floorings are one of the most endurable floorings available on the market and tend to be much cheaper than garage tiles. They are perfect for garages as they are both chemical and oil resistant.

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