Edmonton Basement Development – How to Deal with a Damp Basement

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Here’s a little info on how to deal with some unwanted water in your basement.

A damp basement can be quite challenging to deal with, especially if you are planning to renovate or develop it in the near future. Most damp basements are caused due to water leakage or high humidity. Such factors lead to detrimental issues such as mold, fungus and organic growth. Depending on the severity of these issues, your basement might face conditions such as structural damage, rot, and paint failure as well as health problems for the inmates of the house.

To deal with a damp basement, you must first understand the source of the problem. You must first understand if the seep in the basement is because of a leakage in your foundation, or simply because of cracks and fissures around the doors and windows. You must also check the pipes in the toilet and washrooms for leakage. If you are not able to find any leakage there, then there is a huge probability that the indoor humidity in your house is caused by normal household activities such as cooking, showering and drying clothes.

Dampness is very bad for your basement as well as for the overall structure of your house. Once you know the root of the problem, you must take measures to control the situation as soon as possible. It is highly recommended that you also install a high quality humidifier and get the basement waterproofed as this is the only way how the walls of your basement will deter moisture and thus will prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your basement.

Once you are confident that your basement is dry and warm, you can proceed with your Edmonton basement development and renovation endeavors, thus transforming your basement into useful spaces that will add value to your life and home.


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