Calgary Garage Development—How to Childproof Your Garage

by planitbld_admin

Posted on 02/20/15 11:48 AM | Posted in Calgary Garage Development, News Feed

As a parent, you already know the importance of childproofing your house. Kids are full of energy and it can sometimes be difficult to ensure their safety. If you own a garage, it is your responsiblity to make sure it is childproof. In order to faciliate this task for you, PLANit BUILDERS, a company dealing in Calgary garage development, has compiled a list of tips for you to go over.

 1. Keep your garage door in check. This is extremely important as garage doors have been known to kill children and pets. Ensure that your door is working properly, and if need be, install a new one with a photoelectric sensor.

2. Become a child. Once you have taken care of your garage door, take a good look at your garage and try to see it the way a child would see it. This way, you will become more aware of the potential harm your garage could inflict upon your child.

3. Put a lock on the door. Never forget to lock it when you are not around.

4. Be aware of liquids and toxic substances. Always keep your chemicals tightly sealed and away from the reach of children.

5. Store sharp objects away. Consider cabinets high enough to prevent children accessing them.

6. Keep your vehicles in check. Never, under any circumstance, allow your child to stand around a running vehicles. Make sure to always lock your doors and to keep the keys on your person.

7. Be consistent. Remember that even one forgetful mistake could greatly harm your child. Be consistent when childproofing your garage in order to avoid accidents.

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